idle Jack

Posted: August 19, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The Olympics have come and gone, leaving us with a mighty haul of medals and a palpable feelgood factor but those lovable LibCons continue to deflate national mood with their ever ridiculous announcements.  The latest claim is that Britons are lazy, idle and prefer a lie in to hard work.  The culprit is, of course, the State.  The provision of benefits, healthcare and education remain the States legacy; protection and care for those unable to win in the rat race of life.  The Tory Five blame the lack of work ethic for our economic decline and compare British productivity rates with Asian countries such as China, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Productivity rates are indeed higher in those countries, largely due to a lack of employee protection such as health and safety law and minimum wage legislation; resulting in desperate employees who are routinely exploited in the pursuit of profit.  There is no argument that some Britons “work the system” and benefit levels provide a disincentive to work but to make such huge generalisations does a massive disservice to the vast majority of working Britons as they strive to cope with ever increasing costs of living and limited opportunities.  Hard working families do not make right wing media headlines; “scroungers” and “benefit cheats” undoubtedly do.


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