Posted: August 22, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The man at the centre of the right to die campaign passed away today.  Tony Nicklinson who suffered a stroke in 2005 that resulted in locked-in syndrome died at his home from pneumonia this morning.  His seemingly endless legal quest to be allowed to end his own life had trailed through the British justice system for years.  He argued that his quality of life was such that he should be able to get help to end his life without the helpers subsequently being tried for murder.  A sad story all round with points of view and opinions overlapping and the legal eagles being kept busy and no doubt handsomely rewarded.  I find myself asking what would I do in that situation?  Life, we are told, is precious and assisted suicide remains illegal in Britain.  However, in this case, the misery endured by Tony Nicklinson and his family is all too apparent; his desire to put an end to it is understandable.  I will leave the last word to Mr Nicklinson; “It cannot be acceptable in 21st Century Britain that I am denied the right to take my own life just because I am physically handicapped.”  RIP.


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