the Vegas strip with Benny Hill

Posted: August 23, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Gamblers can “lose their shirt” engaging in their favourite pastime.  Prince Harry took the clothing metaphor to new heights (lows?)  as he was photographed in Las Vegas playing “strip billiards”.  The fun-lovin’ Royal was not only shirt-less but all-other-clothes-less as he battled away against a couple of scantily clad lovelies in a Vegas hotel.  He always seems a nice guy young Harry, cheering on national sports teams and grinning that great big, slightly rogue-ish smile of his.  He does attract controversy though; dressing up in a Nazi uniform (as a nod to family history perhaps?) and insulting soldiers on racist grounds being part of his “previous”.  At a time when the Royals should be surfing the feel-good factor that lingers after the wedding, the Jubilee and the Olympics, Harry has again been caught with his trousers down (well, completely off actually).  His minders and his Grandmother must be tearing their hair out while his aged Grandfather will no doubt pat him on the back and reminisce when the media were not quite so intrusive and the Royals could get away with the Benny Hill type antics.  If Harry plays Benny, surely his Dad could do a reasonable Henry McGee?

  1. Diane Hughes says:

    I understand how embarrassing it must be for the Queen and the rest of his family, but we weren’t meant to see because it’s his private life and there weren’t meant to be any photos (that’s what’s making security twitchy, I suppose). He’s done some stupid things in the past which are much worse than this, surely. He’s not married. He’s not a monk. He’s just a hot-blooded young man having fun, isn’t he ?

    • strainsview says:

      up to a point, unfortunately with privilige comes responsibility….anyway, has he not got “minders” present at all times to prevent this sort of thing? he seems like a decent sort of bloke and past Royals got away with much much worse behaviour. Modern life; its tough for Royals as well as the rest of us…..

  2. carlton rook says:

    I’m sure Harry wishes he had a “normal” life like the rest of us where he could make stupid mistakes and not have them plastered all over the world

    • strainsview says:

      do you reckon he does? his life is so far from “normal” that normal rules don’t apply. Unfortunately for him, he actually comes across as an alright sort of bloke and I am pretty sure that Royals in the past got away with much much worse “high jinks”…..

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