Polly put the kettle on

Posted: August 24, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Adil Nasir (wasn’t he a baddie in 24?) was jailed this week for fleecing his own company of many millions.  By all accounts Nasir is a hugely charismatic and extremely clever man who believed to the bitter end that he could get away with it.  His confidence in returning from self imposed exile in Cyprus was a last throw of the dice to clear his name; it backfired spectacularly as he was sent down for a long dose of porridge.  His fruity (much younger wife) professed his innocence outside the court as the old rogue was led away.  The twist in the tale is the fact that the Tory party was given huge sums by Nadir back when he was a feted member of the business elite.  There are now calls for them to pay the cash back to those who were stung by Nadir’s thievery.  Another example of the Masters of the Universe believing themselves above mere mortals and the annoying justice system.  I wonder what Cap’n Bob Maxwell would make of it all?



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