Posted: September 7, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Great Storyville on BBC4 the other night about  Marc Dreier, the disgraced New York lawyer who was sentenced to twenty years in the pen for the theft of $750 million.  The programme depicted the last three months of Dreir’s freedom as he waited sentencing for the crime.  He slummed around his multi-million dollar penthouse, drinking coke, cuddling his dog and reading the papers as he was watched over by a twenty four hour armed guard.  He never professed his innocence but did come across as a “hard-done-by” character who was deeply concerned about the length of the sentence especially in the light of the Ponzi-peddling Bernie Madoff’s 100+ year porridge handed down previously.  Dreier’s defensive strategy included the facts that he only swindled faceless corporations, the Masters of the Universe were all at it and that little old ladies on the street were safe from him were slightly pathetic; he seemed to believe that this gave him some sort of moral authority over “normal” criminals.  The crimes themselves were like something straight out of Hollywood; cut and pasted letters, forged signatures and impersonation were Dreier’s tricks of the trade as he persuaded hedge funds to hand over millions to people they had never met, never mind taken the time to talk to.  Sheer unadulterated greed lay at the heart of Bernie and Marc’s shenanigans; they now have plenty of time to mull it over.


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