stalking horse

Posted: September 11, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Boris Johnson brought Olympic proceedings to a final end yesterday as he addressed TeamGB and the crowds that had gathered to celebrate the amazing Summer of Sport.  I just can’t make my mind up about the bumbling buffoon that is BoJo; is he as ridiculous as he appears?  Is he a genuinely eccentric posho or is he an extremely clever stalking horse who will eventually depose Cam and end up as Tory Party Numero Uno?  His lengthy list of gaffes and misdemeanours would have done for a lesser politician by now; his racist quotes, his extramarital goings-on, his regular references to “lefty crap” and his seemingly endless wish to associate anything Irish with Sinn Fein should have resulted in his banishment to the Shires to live out his days as a Tory Grandee.  Instead, he continues to ride a populist wave of public semi-affection and is forgiven by the voters who are strangely in thrall to his odd hair and even odder oration style.  After his intervention in an attempted mugging in 2009 he was described by one of the victims as a “knight on a shining bicycle” as he pursued the miscreants down the street on his trusty steel steed.  Among his many ridiculous mutterings is this particular classic bit of electioneering; “if you vote for the Conservatives, your wife will get bigger breasts, and your chances of driving a BMW M3 will increase”.  I reckon Cam is getting a tad nervous as BoJo continues his upward journey; Johnson for PM?  Stranger things have happened.

  1. Boris for President/Prime Minister – we need someone with balls – even if he does a balls up – so long as it is not that snake Ed Balls – now that would be a true disaster..

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