same old same old

Posted: September 12, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Some new faces but the same old rubbish. The latest soccer score is just in; Overpaid Faceless Morons City 1 – 1 Ukrainian Unpronounceable United.  After the sheer unadulterated joy and passion of the Olympics came the bump back to reality with the snarling, joyless, overpaid purveyors of the round ball snatching a draw against superior Eastern European opponents.  Mr Potato Head and the BMUF were missing as Uncle Woy chose a team that included several players who cannot get in their club sides starting eleven.  The moaning, whingeing scouse captain even managed to get himself sent off as he chased and harried in time honoured fashion.  Why do they look so bloody miserable?  They are remunerated far beyond the ken of mortal men and live a life of luxury and opulence.  The “market” has swamped our national game with cash that shows little sign of ever running out; tales of hundreds of thousands of pounds per week abound at the same time as our heroic Olym-Para-lympians fight for every publicly funded penny for the honour of representing our country.  The comparison between the two sets of athletes does the ball-kickers no favours.  At my reckoning the score is Heroic Publicly Funded Super Humans 63 (gold medals) – 1 (major championships) Market Driven Greedy Joyless Athletic.

  1. Diane Hughes says:

    Well said Tim. I’m not a football fan (unless we’re talking World Cup) The Olympic/Paralympic GB teams made you feel proud and uplifted. Then the football started. England played and look what happened ! All the sniping will start again – it just seems dreary…. and we’ve got months of it to go.

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