Up, down, turnaround

Posted: September 17, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Little Cleggy finally made the news this week as he spoke of yet another major change to the way British children will be examined at age 16.  The Cleggster has been strangely quiet of late as his influence has waned and Cam has pushed on alone albeit still spouting the “strong and united coalition” line (that no-one believes).  Clegg and the smarmy Gove will announce yet another turnaround as GCSEs are to be replaced with a more “rigorous” exam that will do away with modularity and return to a single end of course exam; just like the old O level in fact!  O levels and CSEs were binned a generation ago when politicians spoke of the need not to consign pupils to failure and the desire to open up opportunities for all kids.  Now, it seems, we are going back to where we started; an exam system that will suit the privileged and the bright and consign the vast majority of school leavers to failure.  Govey has attacked teachers calling them “lazy” and “greedy”, he went after school Governors labeling them “attention seeking” and now he will set his piggy-eyed sights on pupils by “toughening” up exams.  His ultimate political ambition is unclear but he and the bouffant-buffoon (BoJo) would currently be hot favourites in the Stalking Horse Stakes.

  1. Lazy…greedy…yup…sounds about right..

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