…for the lads?

Posted: September 18, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Following on from the strip-poker Benny Hill type antics from Harry there was another spot of photographic bother for the Royals this week as various magazines and papers published topless photos of Kate as she and her Prince  enjoyed a bit of a holiday at the French chateau of Lord Linley.  One of the papers concerned is the Irish Star, partly owned by the porn-meister-general himself, the downright mucky press baron Richard Desmond.  Dirty Des, however, seems to have turned over a new leaf as he railed against the papers decision to publish and even spoke of closing the operation down.  Blimey.  Let me remind you of Dirty’s previous; he has been responsible for the following magazine beauties; Asian Babes, Big Ones and Horny Housewives as well as beaming late night soft-porn into the nation’s living rooms.  His grubby, salacious porn-empire shows no sign of collapse but suddenly he has become a mouthpiece for sense and decency and is “outraged” by the relatively harmless photos (I am sure that some of Des’s err…”models” are amused at his new morality).  The talk now is of courts, injunctions and fines for the offending publications as Will ‘n Kate attempt to stem the tide of publicity.  The internet, the technology and the instant info era means that the pair face an uphill battle to keep the photos private and away from the public.  The days of cap-doffing, favour-begging, subservient royal photographers have gone; the sneaky, long-lensed ‘razzi know the gloves are off and everybody is fair game.  The filth-peddling Dirty Des learned this a long time ago.


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