Posted: September 20, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Sickening scenes in Manchester this week as one-eyed lunatic Dale Cregan lured two female police officers to their death.  His act of evil was committed while he was on bail as he was under investigation for other murders in the city.  Grenades and guns were his weapons of choice; the two police women had no such armoury.  The age old debate about arming our finest is up and running once again.  “Cop-Killers” continue to hold a macabre fascination in the British psyche, thankfully because they are so rare.  The fact that American cops are armed to the teeth does not seem to deter the determined nutters that regularly hit the headlines.  What to do with scumbag Cregan is the next part of this dreadful tragedy.  Since the abolition of capital punishment we, as a society, face a quandary when presented with such heinous crimes.  Child-killer Ian Brady continues to live out his days in relative comfort; paid for by the state who cannot take the option of killing him.  Would society be better served by carrying out the ultimate punishment?  Argument rages for both sides with many believing that a life sentence should “punish” rather than simply removing the low-life scum from the streets.  In many ways it would be too easy to jail Cregan for the rest of his natural life, it would prevent him from doing it again but would it really punish him?  Hang him high or lock him up?  Perhaps we need a re-think on punishment for crimes that sicken and appal?

  1. charles says:

    What got me was a reporter who said in one breath, he deceived them to bring them to the location but then they knew the risk this man posed! What utter rubbish. they didnt even consider that they were going to a potential murderer who had set a trap. I hate it when they sensationalise stuff like this. On the arguement of arming Police Officers I hope it never comes to that. On the final part of the debate….

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