We’re on the march with Nicky’s army

Posted: September 26, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

If older strainsview readers could just cast their minds back?  Ta.  The year is 1978; punk rock is raging, Grease and Saturday Night Fever were wowing ‘em in the aisles and somewhere north of the border in bonny Scotland a be-tartanned, bonnet wearing lunatic was about to raise the hopes of a nation.  Ally MacLeod, Scotland football manager told his people that the boys were going to bring the World Cup back home from Argentina, or rather, from The Argenteen, as the squad’s send off song had it.  Fridges were sold, marriages wrecked and jobs lost as the Scottish hordes took Ally at his word and high tailed it to South America.  A few sorry weeks later Ally returned a beaten man; his permed, moustache-i-oed players embarrassed by those footballing giants, Peru and Iran.  For some reason I was reminded of poor old Ally when watching the LibDem conference this week.  Slightly out of touch blokes desperately trying to convince us that they are in charge, that they matter and that they are not simply a huge sop to the Eton Mafia now running the country.  The Cleggster makes all the right noises but increasingly looks like a beaten man who knows his time is just about up.  Simon Hughes’ attack on “racist” banks was a headline grabber but surely has little substance.  The fat-cat-bonkers-bankers are only interested in the colour of money rather than skin tone I suspect.  Even the sandal wearing, enviro-green, bearded LibDem supporters seem to know that the sell-out coalition has been a roaring disaster; how long can Little Nicky hang on?  Longer than Ally probably but like the deluded Scotsman he will never claim the ultimate prize.


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