Sorry to the Scum?

Posted: September 27, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Regular readers of strainsview (all three of them) can probably remember the rather irregularly awarded You Simply Could Not Make It Up award; stories and claims so fantastical that they belong in a JK Rowling novel or a TV sitcom.  This week’s YSCNMIU award might just bring an end to the bestowing of the title however.  This particular piece of YSCNMIUism is so far “out there” and  so ridiculously crass that I believe it cannot ever be beaten in a YSCNMIU competition.  I am sitting here genuinely pondering whether the whole thing is a sick wind-up.  The word “unbelievable” is much over used and has lost some of its power and imagery but I cannot think of another way of describing the news that the scrubby, salacious, gutter dwelling former editor of The Scum is apparently seeking an apology from the police over the Hillsborough tragedy.  Kelvin Mackenzie (for it is he) reportedly thinks he has been hard done by and is somehow, in some way also a victim in the twenty three year fight for truth and justice.  The scouseland boycotted Scum has proved itself the most disgraceful, lie peddling, rumour mongering shitsheet over many years; its reporting of the Hillsborough deaths was a low point to end all low points.  The chutzpah and nerve of MacKernzie is staggering; YSCNMIU x 1000…


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