fancy that…

Posted: September 28, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

John “JT” Terry has been found guilty of racial abuse by the FA despite being cleared by a court of law that sat earlier.  The “word on the street” is that Terry called Anton Ferdinand a “black c***” during a match last October.  His defence centred on the claim that although he did use the words he was simply repeating what Ferdinand had said to him.  Eh?  How does that work then?  Surely Ferdinand could have found a more suitable (and fact based) insult to use against Terry rather reverse racially abusing him as it were? Ferdy could have chosen from the following options for instance; thug or adulterer for extra-curricular insults or slow, past it, fat and useless for soccer based banter.  Terry seems to have the morals of an alley cat coupled with the pay of a fat-cat; he is an unsavoury character who never seems to smile or even vaguely look as though he is enjoying himself even when leading his beloved In-Ger-Land.  Luis Suarez was given an eight match ban for a similar offence last season.  My old mate Tom reckons that makes Terry half a racist.  Racism is like pregnancy; you either are or you aren’t.  Despite his many and repeated protestations, the fact the Terry did use the words makes him, in my book, something less than a role model for the melting pot, multi ethnic society we live in.  Could we send Jess, Mo and Nicola to have a little word with the delightful Mr Terry?


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