Posted: October 1, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

 The Mad eyed Mili-Bean risked the anger of many rank and file members yesterday as he dealt a blow to the Trade Unions ahead of the Labour Party Conference. His call for a public sector pay freeze had several influential Unionistas up in arms. Is the Bean Blair in disguise? Have the right-leaners finally won the soul of the Party? Should Mili be reconnecting with old Labour voters and values? Questions, questions. Labour continues to be funded to the tune of millions from Union donations even after New Labour lurched to the right and became Torys in all but name. Old Labour still exists out there but it has become marginalised as the think-tankers announced that Labour would be unelectable if it remained tied to its past. Blair and Mandys “great experiment” did put the party in power but it also disenfranchised many Old Labour voters who really didn’t know which way to turn. Mili should be reconnecting with the working man, the Union member and the rank and file membership; the selling out of core beliefs and party history is not a price worth paying for fleeting power based on Tory policies. Labour can only be successful if it fully embraces the Union movement. Conference should be interesting.


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