Oh, Arthur.

Posted: October 3, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

“King” Arthur Scargill (who, increasingly, looks like a gay sailor) is in the news again.  He has gone to the High Court in an attempt to keep hold of his grace-and-favour London flat that he reckons was given to him for life by the NUM in the days when he was President of the mining Union.  Arthur was the defining firebrand Unionista of the eighties, a Marxist dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism in general and Maggie Thatcher in particular.  He famously told the nation that the Queen would be given a job in Woolworths when the workers had risen up and took back the means of production.  It all seems rather quaint these days; working class miners and working class coppers beating one another up at the behest of their masters, middle class collection buckets, soup kitchens and deep beliefs.  Where has that all gone?  Has the fight been knocked out of the socialists by the march of the capitalist machine?  Have plasma TVs, retail worship and foreign holidays conquered?  Arthur saw himself as a “hero to the masses, to those born without chances” and was a rabble-rousing public speaker.   Like all leaders however, Arthur fell from his perch with a bump as tales of missing Union membership fees, links with Iraq and illicit decorating (specifically, flowery wallpaper) eventually deposed him.  The miners crumbled, fractured and in-fighting replaced Unity; poor old Arthur sat out his days cursing Thatch and dreaming of the USSR.  He is still fighting but his latest battle sees him turn on his Comrades.  Do they all sell out in the end?  (just for you Matt!)


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