Say it is so Jim

Posted: October 10, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

I wrote last week about the late James Savile, the (formerly) lovable, Grandfatherly figure who passed away last year. I was hopeful that the rumours and allegations would be no more than a desperate media attempt to drag up some dirt and smear the old chap in his absence. Alas, things have moved on and the shell-suited DJ now appears to have been a predator and sexual-peccadillo driven abuse-beast. Also dragged into the story is the hugely unfunny, yet supremely smug, Sandi Toksvig who reports she was groped at the BBC by a “famous person” and the execrable Freddie Starr who, it seems, not only ate hamsters but got his kicks by fondling young teenage girls. Freddie’s initial denial and declarations have been u-turned after a photo showed him side by side with the fourteen year old girl that he categorically denied ever meeting. The BBC itself comes out less than well in all this; its seems to have been run along Benny Hill type lines with sexual banter and “innocent” groping the order of the day; a cross between a sixth form common room and the sex-beasts wing of the local prison. Such behaviour is clearly unacceptable but we must remember that times, behaviour and society was a hugely different place back in the day. The birth and growth of the teenager and of youth culture encouraged young people to hang around the new exciting music scene in the hope that some glamour and excitement would be injected into their lives. Sadly, it increasingly appears that Savile and his ilk took advantage for their own ends.


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