Mel Gibson’s Arse

Posted: October 16, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Cam and the oily Alex Salmond signed an agreement yesterday that appears to give the Scottish people the go-ahead for a referendum on full (well…ish) independence.  The vote may well result in Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and going it alone.  Salmond likes to quote the fact that the North Sea oil reserves would belong to Scotland in the event of a split but often forgets that The New Scotland would have to take a portion of the huge national debt with it if the Scotties vote for a Mel-Gibson-Braveheart-Era type future.  Then there is the UK nuclear submarine bases to consider; they may be needed to protect the oil fields if the UK is running out.  I am not sure the average Glaswegian man in the street has actually thought this through.  It is so easy to fall for the Hollywood driven Scottish-legend guff; men with big swords ‘n skirts, blue painted faces, hiding in the heather, defeating (or dying gloriously at the hands of) the Imperialist English invaders, the shameful Highland Clearances and Mel Gibson’s arse.  As Oscar Wilde said “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, Salmond is calling for self-determination and a rabble rousing “Flower of Scotland” to unite the masses.  The polls seem to suggest that Scots would vote Aye if they were an ipad buying £500 per year better off but that they would respond Nay if there was any suggestion that they would be financially worsened by the split.  It’s a strange state of affairs when a sexist, racist, drunken Aussie actor could well be the difference between staying or going.

  1. David Martin says:

    I normally really like your posts but this is awful and entirely wide of the mark. The independance argument is far far removed from this shortbread tin and tartan image that sadly you have been sold. The argument is based on the fact that frankly, Scotland may wish to be a different nation based on policies, spending priorities and differing needs. Yes, Scotland has a wealth of resources to call on – not least wind, tidal and water (it bloody rains a lot up here). The oil reserves are still there, harder to find but as technology moves on these will be exploited. Scottish people have nothing against English people in the same way we have nothing against Poles, Pakistanis, indians, greeks or anyone else who make up our nation. It is to the determination of these people to decide – not a parliament based in the SE of England far removed from the north of England, let alone the outer hebrides. One thing for sure we have been given the opportunity to decide once and for all and for better or worse, yes or no this decision will be final i don’t doubt for my lifetime. Whatever the decision things will change. We have 2 years for a full discussion on this. Please dont become the daily mail and trivialise this, you do yourself no service. David Martin


    • strainsview says:

      thanks for your comments David…I have absolutely no axe to grind with the Scots (or indeed, any other “people”) My blog is all about the debate – that is all. I do not feel my opinions are more or less valid than anyones elses; they are what they are, just my daily musings on the world as I see it. Keep reading!

  2. Coolo says:

    Still enjoying the thoughts strainy…

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