Posted: October 19, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Feeling the cold?  Looking at the central heating thinking on or off?  Attempting to juggle house finances so the winter months can be navigated with the minimum of cost and discomfort?  Energy in the news this week as the caring Cam appears to be about to force the behemoth-home-power-providers to reveal their lowest tariffs to one and all.  This particular market (like rail travel) has become ridiculously complicated as companies bamboozle consumers with a myriad of different prices, services and “products”.  Do you think this over-complication benefits the consumer?  Of course not; it is a smokescreen to hide (massively) above inflation price hikes that slash household disposable income and line the pockets of the shareholders.  Thatch’s dream of privatised utility companies in which we all had a stake as shareholders was just that; a dream.  Very early on in the “great sell-off” lots of people did buy shares but sold them on for a quick buck almost immediately.  This left the shares in the hands of the few; almost overnight nationalised industries were taken from public ownership and placed in the hands of the cash driven free-marketeers who have repeatedly put profit above all other goals.  Next time the bill drops on the doormat just remember that it wasn’t  always like this, the “commanding heights” of the economy were once, genuinely, in the control of the public sector, owned by us for us.  Not any more.


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