Strike one…

Posted: October 22, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The beginning of the end for the looney-LibCons?  Perhaps, just perhaps.  Andrew Mitchell’s PlebGate has finally caught up with him as he resigned in a blaze of publicity and the usual platitudes; he’s an honourable gentleman (no, he isn’t) Cam had been too loyal (err…no, he hadn’t) and the best of the lot, the old “he’s a decent guy” line by our favourite (and thoroughly un-decent) guy, Govey.  While all this was unfolding the equally ridiculous Gideon Osborne was attempting a spot of fare-dodging on the train as he parked his ample self in first class when in possession of a standard fare ticket.  Huge respect to the ticket inspector who would not let the multi-millionaire get away with it and forced the creepy Chancellor to cough up the difference, albeit probably not from his own, extremely deep pockets, but from the public expenses purse.  Even as they lurch from pantomime sketch to sit-com hilarity the Looneys cannot even count on the support of past ministers.  It has come to a sorry pass when the sinister, leather-clad enforcer Lord Tebbit feels it appropriate to put the (jack) boot in as he called the coalition a “dog” of a Government and that they are increasingly appearing as “a bunch of unfeeling toffs.” The latest polls suggest the Tories are nearly ten points down with Labour forging ahead like Frankel in his pomp; even the silly Mili-Bean cannot mess this up from this position.  Can he?


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