Posted: October 23, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Caught the feature length film on the beeb last night that followed the hideously-haired Donald Trump as he attempted to overcome local opposition to his Scottish Golf course plans.  A sad story of corporate greed, environmental damage and compulsory purchases ensued as The Don tried valiantly to prevent the bitter North wind from untangling the comb-over to end all comb-overs.  His hairpiece really is quite extraordinary; layer upon layer of expensively assembled strands, combining to give the impression of a blond thatch that is immoveable even under the most howling of gales.  The locals were just what you would have wanted; the old widow with the pet chickens, the middle aged woman who spoke of raising her children on the dunes and the typical Scots bruiser fella who worked the land and sea and didn’t give two hoots for the invading American billionaire and his grandiose plans.   The similarity between this documentary and the fictional Local Hero was almost too close; the unfeeling foreign greed–merchant up against the stoical, heroic indigenous tribe.  Unlike the film though the developer won in real life as the oily Alex Salmond stepped in to save The Donald’s bacon and give the project the go ahead.  The course is now built and open for business; it is certainly an impressive golf course; I wonder how many of the locals can afford a round?


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