Arise Lord Pilchard

Posted: October 24, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Another heartwarming news story today as Lord Bichard (looks a bit like Harold Shipman, google his image) tore into oldies and informed us that “imaginative” thinking is needed to prevent the oaps becoming a burden on the State.  For the first time in British history there are more over sixty five year olds than there are under sixteen;  this scary fact has prompted the wailing and gnashing of teeth over how to manage the retired in their dotage.  Retirement was once a goal that workers aimed towards safe in the knowledge that the contributions they had made over a very long working life would be returned to them as they saw out their days in relative comfort.  Now, it seems, retirement has become a massive burden that the looney LibCons think should be spent “contributing” (in a very unpaid manner) to looking after those even older.  Guess who will not be expected to do this?  Yep, the highly pensioned, bonkers-bankers and the like who have conned the country out of billions, paid themselves handsomely and yet will never be called upon to “contribute”.  I am fairly certain that Lord Pilchard himself will be quite comfortable in his retirement as he informs the rest of us that we have to work longer hours than any other nation in Europe, receive our pension at a later age than anyone else in Europe and now must also “volunteer” to look after those even older than us who have had the nerve to live longer than once was expected.  I leave the last word to old Pilchard himself “…It is quite possible, for example, to envisage a world where civil society is making a greater contribution to the care of the very old, and older people who are not very old could be making a useful contribution to civil society…”  Older people who are not very old?  I think Lord Pilch could do with a long rest.  (for DL, CHEERS)


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