Bloody Blind Chancers

Posted: October 25, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The BBC (or Auntie as absolutely nobody refers to it) is being dragged further into the mire over JimmyGate (ditto).  Savile’s enormous list of crimes and victims seems to have taken place under the ultimate wink wink, nudge nudge culture  that prevailed at the Beeb.  The Panorama program that investigated the allegations suggested that Beeb bosses knew something of the shell-suited groping but turned a blind eye in an attempt to maintain ratings.  The fact that they then thought it appropriate to screen a Christmas homage to the old pervert must really stick in the craw of victims.  Getting to the truth of who knew what and when is proving far from easy with the DG George Entwhistle playing the straightest of straight bats when quizzed by the select committee.  The DG’s lack of curiosity and laissez faire approach to management may seem extraordinary to us mere mortals but the upper management levels of the BBC appear, increasingly, to be staffed by unquestioning idiots who are terrified of confronting colleagues and who think the “talent” should never be called to account.  In another astonishing side story the American DJ Paul Gambaccini has accused Savile of being a necrophiliac who targeted “under age subnormals” as he toured the nation’s hospitals and children’s homes.  Blimey.  Heads will roll at the BBC; who and when is yet to be seen.


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