It’s fresh. Exciting.

Posted: September 26, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

It’s Fresh.  Exciting.

It’s that time of the year again folks.  The motorways are jammed, the vintage vinyl has been pulled off the loft and IKEA are having a thanksgiving service (for cutlery sold)  as mummies and daddies pack the Volvo estate and deliver the next batch of eager young students to their halls of residence or grubby little terraced houses.  University days are here again!  Those new to the experience will probably spend the next two weeks in an alcohol induced paranoiac state of mind as they desperately try to flee the new mate they met on the first night who has been impossible to shake off ever since.  The questions will fly; “Where you from?” “What you studying?” and that old favourite, “What grades did you get in your A levels?”. Student japery will ensue; traffic cones will be nicked, pub crawls organised and there will be lots and lots (well, some, anyway) of wholly inappropriate sex between consenting youngsters who cannot quite believe their luck.  The enormous unavoidable elephant in the room will remain unspoken of, that is, there is simply too bloody many of them.  Back in the seventies barely 9% of our gilded youth were University educated.  Today that figure is approaching 50%.  The result of that change? The labour market is crammed with highly qualified McSub operatives and TesBurys shelf stackers who have the added pressure of thirty grand of debt hanging round their neck.  Have we really thought this through?  Hordes of graduates rampaging round the country in search of jobs that utilise their expensively acquired qualifications as Polish plumbers and Kazakhstan cleaners do the jobs that our youth once did?  I may be a cynical, middle aged nobody but am I alone in thinking that maybe, just maybe, this is the latest attempt (of very many) to massage down the unemployment figures…?

  1. For years the lie has been – education, education, education – who said that???? The same guy that lied about Iraq…I wonder……If you are thinking of university and that really valuable BSc in Aromatherapy then just remember that some overpaid boffin put that course together and that, as long as they get paid, they don’t give a monkeys as to whether it will lead to you getting a decent job. When you enter university you become part of a sausage machine that exists purely to extract as much money from you as possible so that it can fund the multitudes of boffins that work within its walls. Did you know that some people pass assignments with a mark of 30% !! How the f**k do they work that out? 30% how can that be a pass mark? At degree level ??

    Why don’t you consider an apprenticeship instead? By the time you are at ‘graduate age’ you will have much more experience than any graduate, possess great skills – learned on the job, that are relevant – as opposed to out of date degree level materials that are all too frequent within the university world – and, ultimately, you will be far more attractive to employers – oh, and did I mention that while you learn you will earn money and, you will not be in debt like an unemployable graduate.

  2. Emma says:

    There are always going to be different students. I go back through choice and vocational interest but also personal enrichment. Education is for life, books, ideas, creativity and challenge…but sadly these are all being decimated in the current Gove administered, pompous crusade of knowledge over enquiry.
    I agree the biggest mistake was to introduce David Beckham studies and get rid of brilliant apprenticeship schemes. Not all can be academic, but PFI funding, Free Schools, Academies! Do people really understand where this is going….No planning….not enough Schools or Qualified teachers even. I love teaching and education but feel so demoralised by an untenable, through principle, of an uncreative start to learning and the joy of its process for students of any age. Whilst the current coalition continue to attack the vulnerable, weak and poor in every way possible. The skiver vs shirker debate is obsolete. Not many parents with their off spring moving to University, are worried about that pesky bedroom Tax.

    As an aside, just been in Manchester where round the events centre it resembles a police state, barriers, security and massive slogans declaring…FOR THE HARDWORKING.. The message is the Tories. And rights of those poor hotel cleaners and staff in the bars and hotels serving the pompous are getting a bum deal whilst the Tories block themselves in and discuss what…
    There are not the jobs about…especially round here.
    Benefit cheats are highlighted whilst the bloody bankers… and reckless Corporations..

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