All Bound for Bongo-Bongo Land (with apols to the Justified Ancients of MU-MU. And Dolly Parton

Posted: September 27, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The enormously mouthed Nigel (the Fascist) Farage has had his hands full this past week as one of his trusted lieutenants was caught on camera calling women “sluts” who never “cleaned behind their fridges” (is this a euphemism I am unaware of?).  The UKIP-Looney was none other than the appalling Godfrey Bloom MEP (now ex.) and racist.  His previous headline grabbing stunt was to lump all countries to which we send aid and medicine together as Bongo-Bongo Land.  Try as I might I cannot see the reason for UKIP;  a pretty loose collection of nutters, fascists and the demented in lowest common denominator politics; keep the pound, send ‘em back, life means life.  Same old tired clichés that the delightful Enoch P spouted with such vitriol all those years ago.  UKIPs ridiculous branding idea (a cartoon pound sign) makes them look even more comical and out of touch.  I hate the way these loons claim to speak for the “man in the street”.  Not in my bloody street pal.  Our mongrel nation continues to confound the racists; we have always been a melting pot of different nationalities who have managed to build a prosperous modern democracy that continues to be the envy of three quarters of the world.  Best thing to come out of the whole sordid mess?  The fact that Funny-Face-Farage was well known as a racist and bully at school (although the accuser did say that his teachers “read the Guardian…”).  Farewell Godfrey, you Bongo-Slut.

  1. Does anyone clean behind their fridge…?

  2. fridgecleaners-r-us says:

    I want to get Bongo-Bongo into your tag cloud!!!

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