Reds under the bed.

Posted: September 28, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The right wing press (that’ll be nearly all of it) has got its (baby blue) knickers in a bit of a twist this week as it spluttered and harrumphed at MiliBean’s promise that a Labour Government would (should they ever be elected) freeze household energy prices for a twenty month period.  Tories everywhere took this as a sign of rampant socialism in action; red hordes roaming from shire to shire, greedily grabbing back the commanding heights of the economy, as Trotsky Trade Unions flexed their muscles and New Labour was finally sent back from whence it came (the very small brain of Mandy Mandelson and his ridiculous chums).  Capitalists spouted their hoary old arguments in favour of free markets and competition.  Some Op-Ed buffoon in the Torygraph even reckoned “Britain is on the way to tyranny” (good luck with selling that particular nonsense to the Syrians).  If we all could just calm down a tad and dispassionately discuss swivel-eyed Ed’s musings, we would not see the Red Army on the march but rather, perhaps,  a reaction against the faceless corporations and unaccountable shareholders who profit (again and again and again) from industries that were once owned by us, for us.  The credit crunch crisis continues to loom large in the background; reckless, profiteering financial institutions bailed out by the Government ( because of their ultra free market beliefs and systems (toxic mortgage anyone?).  That particular Government intervention was unquestionably welcomed by the “free marketeers”.  Miliband’s latest wheeze is based on the same principle; funnily enough it isn’t being as well received.


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