For Lazy Folk everywhere.

Posted: September 29, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

I was reminded of Simon Hoggart’s “Law of the ridiculous reverse ” (if the opposite is absurd then a statement is not worth making in the first place ) this week as the Tories descended on Madchester for their annual blue-rinsed sensible shoe love in. Hoggy reckons that slogans and phrases are pointless and vacuous if they are turned; like the new Mercedes advert, “an obvious contender for the best car in the world” (a covert attempt to be an ok car?) or the classic East Midlands think-tank re-branding exercise that delivered the outstanding statement that “We’re proud of Derbyshire!” (We are ashamed of Derbyshire?). If you find yourself wandering round the original home of the Guardian today you will be met with banners proclaiming “For Hardworking People”; surely a classic of Hoggart’s Law? The goateed, trendy North London meeja advertising execs that (expensively) came up with that beauty must be unaware of The Law. What does that even mean? That lazy ne’er do wells should jolly well bugger off and vote for the Party that champions the idle? The wife reckons it is a blatant attempt to capture the working class vote; they fell once for the “aspirational, materialistic, me me me” trick that Thatcher sold us, are we about to fall again? We are all working hard. In the current economic climate we bloody have to.


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