Posted: October 1, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Gorgeous George Galloway has been in the news again the past few days as he (yet again) stokes the fires of religious and social bigotry in bonny Scotland.  George seems to thrive on hatred and mistrust and, as we all know, remains the most quotable left wing politician of the modern era.  On a Saturday in Glasgow if two particular teams are at home in the “fitba” about one hundred thousand fans will don blue or green and toddle off to worship at their relevant shrine of the round ball.  Be they Celtic / Rangers / Blue / Green / Protestant / Catholic they will worship their heroes as well as confirming to the world that bigotry and hatred is alive and well in 2013 Britain.  Union Jacks countered by Tri-Colours, God Save the Queen versus the Soldiers Song?  Old Gorgeous has taken offence at goings on at Ibrox as Rangers seem to have co-opted the British Army into parading campaign veterans at home fixtures.  Meanwhile at Parkhead the Green Brigade Ultras continue to upset the Celtic hierarchy with their “rebel” songs and Neil Lennon’s tracksuit collar (google it) has caused a storm amongst Neanderthals everywhere.  George reckons Rangers supporters are on the brink of all-out fascism; the death threats he has received simply confirming that, to the shame of modern Britain, long past historical events still have the power to stir the mob.  I wonder how many of the “fans” of the super-giant-Glasgow clubs will be at Mass or a church service come Sunday morning?  I would wager it will be many many less than the attendance at the theatres of hate.

  1. Steve Bell says:

    Just remind me of the name of his party……isn’t it something like Respect…?

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