Me, Myself and I.

Posted: October 4, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Strange goings-on in the world of soccer as fans of “Tottingham” (copyright, Ossie Ardiles) have been informed they could be arrested for inappropriate chanting at their next home game.   All well and proper it would seem.  But, like an eighties episode of “Tales of the Unexpected” this particular story has a reverse-ferret sting in the tail.  Apparently, it is not so much the opposition that will be protected but, bizarrely, themselves.  Eh?  Have I got this right?  It is now an offence to cause offence to yourself? This does not bode well for those of us who like to have a stern word with ourselves now and again.  We will now, presumably, have to do so in total silence, lest the Politically Correct Police Constables come knocking.  Instead of traditional match day ditties such as “the referees a w*****”,  or “you’re just a town full of P****”, the boys in blue will have a listening ear out for songs of self-hatred (“we’re so bad it’s quite believable?”) Tottenham’s self-proclaimed Yid Army may have to re-brand themselves.

  1. Rarv 'o the Lairds says:

    “would it ok if we scored a goal for you? Only if you’re sure?”

  2. I have known and made many Jewish friends that seem proud to call themselves Yids….seems that the only people being offended here are the police. Our once great constabularies are resembling the police in the film Demolition Man more and more….why should we tremble…

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