Like a fox, like a fox, in a cardboard box.

Posted: October 8, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Massively depressing news (is there any other kind?) from the world of politics and current affairs recently as Liam Fox, the Tory MP, ex-Cabinet Minister and wannabe Big Beast has been embroiled in an expenses row.  Somewhat surprisingly, it is not creative accounting (i.e. stealing) that is the issue this time, rather it is the startling fact that he claimed official travel expenses for the princely sum of three English pence.  Three Pence.  Three bloody pence! This sum was trousered by the Fox for a journey of less than one mile. Foxy batted away the uproar with the usual double-whammy-platitudes; “my staff process my claims” and (the eternal favourite), “what I did was within the rules” (I can hold my head high, I have done nothing wrong).  As his party continue to financially attack the young, the old, the ill and the jobless, the Tory Loons still have the power to astound.  Yet another public servant caught out by greed, duplicity and downright nerve; does public life corrupt them all in the end?  Or are greedy buggers attracted to professions where they can let their avarice have free rein?  Thruppence for your thoughts…?

  1. you couldn’t get a fag or a drop of ale for that could you? What a plonker..

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