Rock on Tommy.

Posted: October 10, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

I see that Tommy Robinson has resigned from the EDL, the racist, far right organisation he helped create.  It is being quoted as a major victory for anti-fascists everywhere and has been brokered by the strangely named left wing think-tank, the Quilliam Group.  Tommy stopped short of renouncing his ridiculous ideological views and appeared a little confused (and scared?) in his many media appearances.  He now appears not to hate Johnny Foreigner but is still spouting off about “extremism” and the need to protect “our culture” from the invading hordes of Muslim terrorists.  Young Tom seems to think that the EDL has been hijacked by nutters who are even more right-wing than your normal, tattooed, football-hoolie thug and their lager-fuelled acolytes.  Britain remains a “great big melting pot” of all colours, creeds, religions and types.  On the whole we manage to rub along fairly peaceably, thank you very much.  The major socio-political issues remain dis-enfranchisement , isolation and the utter lack of opportunity that many of our population are born with.  This, combined with the community-smashing policies of recent Governments has allowed the fascist loonies to hijack emotive issues such as immigration.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eradicate The Nutters from daily life, regardless of their individual circumstances?

  1. The prime reason that these nutters exist is that years of left wing politicians have proclaimed the word community, equal opportunities and developed countless policies and processes to help to develop inclusion and integration – with no experience or knowledge outside of their university degrees. If they had left it all alone and just let people get on with their lives then things would be very different. Look at Cheetham Hill, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Greeks, Poles, Blacks, Whites, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Somali etc etc..all living on each other’s doorsteps and getting on with life.

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