On the march with Uncle Woy’s Army.

Posted: October 11, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Here we go again; tonight sees another outing for the overpaid faceless morons of the In-Ger-land soccer team as they face Montenegro (is that even a country?  Is it not a car? “Introducing the new Ford Montenegro?”) in a quest to be the boys from Brazil next summer. Grumpy Mr Potato Head will scurry around up front; snarling, posturing and probably not scoring, Captain Scowler will harass, try the occasional long distance screamer and might, just possibly, maybe, perhaps, break out a smile if the lads can conjure up a victory.  Regular readers of this nonsense blog will remember a strainsview hero, The Big Man Up Front.  Unfortunately, The BMUF has fallen out of favour and will be absent  as Uncle Woy tries to ditch the time honoured tactic of pumping high balls into the box for the teak-fore-headed BMUF to leap for.  Instead, we will witness the latest attempt to pass the ball in intricate triangles in a poor man’s version of Spanish tikki-takki-tippy-tappy-keepy-uppy.  I really, really want to enjoy watching them, and I really want them to win with style, panache and (can this be mentioned?) enjoyment, but, as ever, it will no doubt be an endurance event characterised by poor technique, referee baiting and an utter lack of joy.  Never mind, the run-your-blood-to-water, passion-packed rugby league World Cup will be along shortly.

  1. Seemingly for Steven Gerrard this game, against a team that is less than 10 years old, will be the most important game that he has ever played in. He should stick to Subbuteo…

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