Uncle Woy the Wacist?

Posted: October 17, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Even before the dust had settled on In-Ger-Land’s glorious progression to the footer World Cup in Brazil next year the Twitterati and red-top journos had managed to create a bit of a fuss over Uncle Woy’s halftime team talk.  Supposedly the England manager told his overpaid faceless morons a joke concerning a monkey, NASA and a space flight.  Personally, I didn’t have Woy down as a half-time-funny-man, I thought he would have been more of a tactics, formations and “For God, King Harry and Uncle Woy” man myself.  The Politically Correct Police Constables then got their ridiculous selves involved with internet cries of “racism” taking the gloss off what was a pretty good England performance on the pitch (different story off the pitch as the Polish Warblers battered the home fans in the chanting fixture).  Soccer and racism seem to go together like fish ‘n chips, (Alan)sugar and scowls, and Cannon and Ball; it increasingly seems like you can’t have one without the other.  Even the presenting-buffoon Adrian Chiles took some stick for suggesting that his house was being done up by Polish builders as he attempted to coax a smile from Roy “you lookin’ at me?” Keane.  Perhaps we could just concentrate on derring-do’s on the pitch for once?  It would make a refreshing change; Uncle Woy could help by leaving his funnies in his locker.

  1. Its a shame..they probably didn’t have the intelligence to understand the idea behind his comments. Judging by the response I suspect that the complaint came from a certain player who called another player a ‘Choc Ice’ a couple of years ago…note that no-one called him a racist..this player is a classic for calling ‘foul’ whenever anyone trips up like this. In my view he has more to worry about as he looks more like Plug from the Bash Street Kids.

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