Up and down.

Posted: October 20, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

In the same week that we all delighted in “falling petrol prices” shocker there was (of course) some energy based bad news as British Gas announced a mind boggling / trouser lightening 9.2% increase for domestic consumers.  With inflation running at nearly 3% and wage increases, if you get one, at about 1.5%, the average household will see a further erosion in their spending  power.  Meanwhile the loony LibCons tell us the corner has been turned and the economy is showing the fabled green shoots of recovery.  Unemployment was reckoned to be falling last week (as with all data it all depends on who is counting and how they count) as thousands of the desperate were frogmarched off to part time employment or the truly appalling zero-hours contract Con.  British Gas have made a profit of £356million so far this year.  Their greed simply knows no bounds.  Some are calling for Government intervention to try and keep the avaricious buggers in check; problem is, yet again, our glorious leaders only think it worth interfering when profits and dividends are threatened, the fact that normal people face huge increases in keeping themselves warm   seemingly has no bearing.  The advice from the ridiculous Cam, “people should consider buying another jumper..”  is yet another example of their unfeeling, out of touch view of the rest of us.


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