Horses for courses.

Posted: November 11, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Equine based news this week as AP McCoy became the first jump jockey to ride 4000 winners.  Can’t quite get my head round that number; 4000 times he has hung on for grim death when some bad-tempered gargantu-horse tried to unseat him, 4000 times he has coaxed the beast round in first place.  The world of sport is full of numbers and some definitely fall into the old myth-category of “lies, damned lies and statistics…”, McCoys feat, however,  is undeniable and unlikely ever to be beaten; extraordinary bloke, extraordinary achievement.  Another “extraordinary” bloke in gee-gee linked news was the ToryLoon MP Nadhim Zahawi.  He hadn’t, of course, pulled off some heart warming feat like McCoy but he probably does deserve some sort of award for the incredible (but, sadly, wholly believable) “achievement” of getting taxpayers (that will be you and I then) to pay for the electricity that went to power his stables!  Our elected member’s avarice and their utter inability to conduct themselves with any sense of duty (or even a basic sense of right and wrong) continues to depress and astound.  As per usual this weeks “caught-red-handed-MP” used that tired old cliché; “it was an honest mistake and I will be paying the money back asap”.  These jokers simply love an “honest mistake”.  It seems to be  the ultimate get-out clause as they continue to gorge themselves on the tax-dollar-nosebag that is, seemingly, attached to every last one of the greedy B’stards.


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