Posted: November 13, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Another superb triumph for privatisation yesterday as it was revealed that several of the lucky winners of the Governments “sell-off-absolutely-everything” campaign have paid no tax on their enormous profits!  Behemoth private-public-service-providers such as ATOS and G4S have managed to wheedle their slimey way out of it by a spot of creative accounting and the use of the “we need to invest” argument.  Outstandingly greedy work that will be rewarded with further juicy contracts from their chums in the Eton Mess.  The jack booted employees of the truly despicable ATOS will have an extra little jump in their step as they chase and harry the unemployed and disabled in an attempt to grab back the massive amounts the poor buggers receive in Job Seekers Allowance or as they smugly consign them to a life of zero hour contract misery.  Thierry Breton,the boss of ATOS, received a pay rise earlier this year.  The amount? £288 thousand.   Presumably this was  as a reward for all the disability payments his squalid company has managed to prise from the hands of the sick and the desperate. According to Breton if you can push a button then you are able to work. It is a shame that the tax-paying-button seems, as per usual, to be on the blink.


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