You can’t have it both ways.

Posted: November 16, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

David Davies, the Tory MP and prize Loon, appears to think he is part of some medieval historical society as he railed against “feckless” parents this week.  DD’s suggested solutions to the (as old as mankind) problem included the proposal that absent fathers should be “dragged off”, “forced to work” and even the mooting of “chains” as a way to make people see the errors of their ways.  Blimey, chains?  Really Dave?  Are you sure you’ve got this right?  One of his less outrageous solutions was suggesting that young people may need to move to find gainful employment.  All well and proper it seems until you widen that particular debate and eventually end up with Immigration as the theme.  Dave and his chums like “moving for work” only, it would appear, when it involves relatively short distances.  The notion that Johnny Foreigners make their way here to better themselves and their families is drowned out by the Daily Mail reading hordes rising up and attaching “benefit scrounger” to every non-UK citizen who comes here.  The media buys into this frenzy; “Roma-Gypsy-Scum” sells newspapers, “Filipino-Nurse-holding-up-the-NHS” much less so.  There are, as always, simply no easy answers to these problems; double D’s ridiculous spoutings certainly do nothing to advance the debate.


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