Breaking Bad.

Posted: November 19, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Regular readers (all three of you) of this nonsense will no doubt be aware of strainsview’s hatred of the Daily Mail but today’s topic could well be a headline in the salacious shit-sheet; “Gay Banker Reverend in Crystal Meth SHOCKER!”.  Paul Flowers (for it is he) was filmed apparently counting out his pennies for a cocktail-consignment of illegal drugs.  The former Chairman of the Co-op bank (of course) blamed job pressures and family related issues as he followed the Heisenberg route to happiness.  Mr Flowers is sixty three years of age.  I am pretty sure that sixty three used to be considered old; an age when retirement was just around the corner and when an afternoon stroll down the local was the extent of rebellion.  Now, it seems, even old-timers are fair game to the loved-up generation.  Does public life corrupt them all in the end?  Or are characters like Flower attracted to it because it gives them access to other means of enjoyment?  Interestingly, the Rev Flower has some way to go until he matches another public figure; the continuing, utterly bizarre, antics of Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford are like a particularly fanciful episode of Breaking Bad.  Perhaps the Mayor and the Rev should team up?


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