…on the profitable side of life…

Posted: November 27, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Plumbers (an old acquaintance of mine rather than the pipe bending water merchants) has officially “come out”.  In a brave move that shocked many of his followers, he has decided to tell it like it is and refuses, any longer, to simply accept what society tells him to think.  The poor guy must have endured many a long, tortured night of the soul as he battled his conscience until he finally arrived at the decision to follow his heart and publicly announced (to widespread shock but also to some sympathetic head nodding  that “…Monty Python, you know, really, in all honesty, might not be that funny…”  Bloody hell; the bravery!  The (ancient) remaining members of the Pythons have recently announced that they will be reforming for some mega-barn gigs as they attempt to pay off mortgages and Cleese saves up for yet another divorce settlement.  Dead Parrots, Brian’s Life and hilarious Silly Walks will no doubt be given an outing as crowds try and remember when the elderly funsters were current and “alternative”.  Admittedly they were a breath of fresh air “back in the day” when “comedy” meant thinly veiled (or, to be fair, not veiled at all) racism and sexism as frilly shirted “comics” chugged through several hundred Embassy Regals on the stages of various Variety Clubs.  Today?  We have moved on; Brass Eye and the like have out-Python’ed  the Pythons.  Yet another desperate money making exercise that will no doubt rake it in but that hardly provides anything new.  You’ll be telling me next that old rockers like The Rolling Stones will be touring again!  Hang on a minute………..


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