“Edjucation, Edukashin, Educayshn”

Posted: December 5, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Today’s title (shamelessly stolen from the Guardian) paraphrases one of warmonger Blair’s most famous pieces of political spin.  This week brought the less than startling news that the nation’s youth are falling behind in their studies and international pupils are forging ahead in the race to the top.  Rather like all the sports we invented that have been hijacked by johnny foreigner, who took our games and then began to regularly beat us at them, so the British schooling system seems to have been adopted and changed by others giving little German and Chinese children the upper hand.  The despicable Gove-ernator continues to tinker and meddle as he puts the blame squarely on teachers and parents.  Funnily (not really) enough old Govey has never actually spent time at the chalkface; he is yet another spad-mandarin- bod that sees all change as progress and views every teacher as lazy liberty takers.  The LibCons may be full of chancers and expense-guzzling sleazebags, but Govey is an almighty piece of work.  He has been behind much of the current holy mess; free schools, academies, almost constant syllabus and assessment tinkering, and the utter belief that education professionals are out for themselves and that he and his new-age-management loons know best.  Perhaps if we had teachers (who have taught) running policy things just might be a little better?

  1. totally agree with what you say about the attitude to teachers :)) If we want the most able people to go into teaching, we have to treat them – and pay them – as professionals.

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