Hold the custard creams!

Posted: December 9, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

In excellent news for us all this week MPs have had their biscuit allowance slashed!  Yep, bourbon bakers and digestive designers are the latest to suffer from the recession as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority have decided that our elected members can now no longer claim for dunkable delights.   The IPSA was set up to oversee Parliament’s expenses and pay following several high profile scandals (renovated duckhouses, mended moats and the like).  Sir Ian Kennedy, top mandarin and IPSA boss, spoke about having to take “hard decisions” in these times of austerity and told MPs that they would have to abide by his findings.  Now, make yourself a cup of tea, break out the Tesco value garibaldis and have a nice sit down as you mull over the following; public sector workers have had pay rises capped at one per cent, many private sector employees are on pay freezes and the march of the insidious zero hour contract continues unabated.  The removal of biscuit-based-privileges for MPs could be considered as “Austerity in Action” and shows that they are also suffering as recessionary pressures continue to bite.  Well done them!  This heartening display of all-in-it-togetherness is, perhaps, ever so slightly tempered by the other main IPSA recommendation; that MPs pay is to be jacked up by an unbelievable eleven per cent!  Is this some sort of austerity / recession japery?  Still I suppose they can buy their own bloody biscuits now.


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