All of a-flutter.

Posted: December 11, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

You enter a shop, there is no CCTV and the shop staff are nowhere to be seen.  You could, quite easily, trouser a couple of items and saunter out in the full knowledge that you would never be caught.  Would you steal the goodies?  Honestly?  According to research, over 80% of people would not steal; heartening stuff.  However, according to some sections of the media, some players of the beautiful game ain’t quite as honest as the rest of us.  The rise (and rise) of online bookies, in-play markets and the shadowy “far eastern” betting syndicates seems to have caught one or two round ball kickers with their back pockets open (as well as, figuratively speaking, their trousers down).  Of course, “Player refuses to take bribe and throws dodgy middle eastern looking gentleman out on his arse” does not make for newspaper selling headlines, “third rate aging pro willing to take get himself a yellow card” does.  The figures being bandied about seem ridiculous and fantastical to me; thirty grand to get a yellow?  Thirty grand is an awful lot of small-time bets with an awful lot of different firms to place.  Especially as the gaming industry giants are hyper sensitive to strange betting patterns and the market shutters come slamming down as soon as anything untoward appears.  I also wonder how many pro footballers have been approached before the fake sheikh and his pals snared one willing to do the dirty?  I would wager that like the general population, over 80% of them would tell ‘em to get on their bike.  Newspapers; dontcha love ‘em?


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