He sold his soul to punk.

Posted: December 18, 2013 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

In the week that we said goodbye (well, we said goodbye, the deaf signer could have been saying anything as it turns out) to a true twentieth century hero in Nelson Mandela, two other famous faces have shuffled off this mortal coil with contrasting public emotion seeing them on their way.  Hellraiser Peter O ‘Toole downed his last double scotch, folded his Florence of Arabia headdress and took his leave.  He was, perhaps, the epitome of “loveable rogue”, tales of hard living and even harder drinking staying with him ’til the end.  He once claimed that he was unaware that JFK had been shot “until about 1985..”  The other dead ‘un is the infamous and opinion splitting robber Ronnie Biggs.  Held up by some as a hero from a time when armed robbers had real kudos and “cock-er-ney geezers” were said to ” look after their own” and they all, obviously, “laaaa-vhed their Old Mum” Ron was a thief, a thug and did a runner as soon as the beastly rozzers came calling.  Biggs’ grinning schtick as man of the people and gentleman thief wore a bit thin when he came crawling home for medical treatment when the money ran out and he couldn’t play the Brazilian-sponge game anymore.  Mandela, the last true hero.  O’Toole, the last hellraiser.  Biggs? Thief and charlatan.  





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