Mel Gibson’s Arse

Posted: May 15, 2014 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Aye or Naw?  Scotland will soon go to the polls in a  referendum on full (well…ish) independence.  The vote may well result in Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and going it alone.  The Oily Salmond likes to quote the fact that the North Sea oil reserves would belong to Scotland in the event of a split but often forgets that The New Scotland would have to take a portion of the huge national debt with it if the Scotties vote for a Mel-Gibson-Braveheart-Era type future.  Then there are  the UK nuclear submarine bases to consider; they may be needed to protect the oil fields if the UK is running out.  I am not sure the average Glaswegian man in the street has actually thought this through.  It is so easy to fall for the Hollywood driven Scottish-legend guff; men with big swords ‘n skirts, blue painted faces, hiding in the heather, defeating (or dying gloriously at the hands of) the Imperialist English invaders, the shameful Highland Clearances and Mel Gibson’s arse.  As Oscar Wilde said “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, Salmond is calling for self-determination and a rabble rousing “Flower of Scotland” to unite the masses.  The polls seem to suggest that Scots would vote Aye if they were an ipad buying £500 per year better off but that they would respond Naw if there was any suggestion that they would be financially worsened by the split.  It’s a strange state of affairs when a sexist, racist, drunken Aussie actor could well be the difference between staying or going.

  1. David Martin says:

    Good gracious. The “voice of Lefty reason” has went further to the right than the BNP with this post. Racist? check. Every stereotype in the book? Almost (if only “oily salmond” had a ginger beard). Pro- Nuclear weapons? Check. Financially obsessed? Check. We forget somewhere that self determination is a right. It is for us to decide.

    The Scottish nation is going to decide based on money and an old movie. Tsk, whatever the result, yes or no at least credit us with intelligence to decide based on reasoned arguement. This kind of thing is most certainly not helpful. Dissapointed in this post. Very dissapointed. Perhaps the blog should be re-named the voice of little england?

  2. lairds doon south says:

    I think the Labour Left in England is more worried about the loss of multiple Labour MPs after Independence..meanwhile Oily Salmond sees his chance to be the first King of Scotland for many a long year. What’s it really about? POWER pure and simple just like the original Bravehearts – no one remembers the economy just the winners. Think it’s a definite No.

  3. coek10 says:

    Good to see Stainsview back!

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