Lies, damned lies and…

Posted: May 16, 2014 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

…statistics. News this week of a fall in the unemployment rate. Hurrah, you cry, if you’re a coalitionist; yah boo sucks if you’re in opposition. Getting to the bottom of the UK labour market statistics is an almost impossible task. It does definitely appear as if the number without work is falling but the number of real (i.e. decently paid, full time with employee benefits) jobs seems not to be increasing. Labour politicians are convinced the figures have been spun through various loopholes ending in paradoxical data that can be interpreted however you wish dependent on your political agenda. I reckon the rise and rise of the despicable zero hour contracts coupled with increasingly draconian JSA eligibility rules have massaged the headline figure downwards but have done little to help those in real need. The elephant in the room is Incapacity Benefit. IB numbers continue to rise even though the hated ATOS capability Czars hound and harass the disabled (or, as ATOS view them, the feckless and workshy) into accepting Mac-Jobs or zero hour contracts. The truth regarding unemployment is indeed probably out there but wading through the murky world of spin, politics and statistics make it virtually impossible to find.


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