In Uncle Woy we twust…

Posted: June 4, 2014 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Here we go again. Uncle Woy’s lads are off to sunnier climes to contest the World Cup. In a refreshing change they travel with very little expectation atop their expensive shoulders. I can’t think of any pundit who gives our boys so much as a punchers chance. We don’t even have a BMUF to pin our hopes on. Woy has seemingly dropped the BMUF idea and attempted to turn the team into a tiki-taki tippy-tappy English version of those pesky continentals. As we laboured in beating Peru the other night the old failings were to the fore. Big Engined English Pros harrying and hustling, box to box maestros, long hopeful balls over the top to the overweight, snarling Wayne Rooney. According to the Internet the moment of the game came when some punter launched a paper aeroplane from the gods and struck a Peru player on the pitch many miles down below. Have we found a new pastime in which we could take on the world? Competitive paper aeroplane flinging? Could it be that the utter lack of public expectation will result in the boys throwing off the shackles and returning home with the trophy? Arise Sir Woy, Sir Wayne and Sir Stevie? Stranger things have happened. On balance though, probably not. Three desperate group games followed by an early departure, returning home to massive indifference I reckon. Oh, for a Big Man Up Front!


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