About Me

It keeps me out of the pub.  And is a cheaper way of dealing with a mid life crisis than buying a sportscar and chasing younger women round the fleshpots of deepest Lancashire.  The wife is pleased.  I think.

  1. Nigel Willetts says:

    Mr Strain,
    About time you embraced the technology to profer your pearls of wisdom to the masses!! A most enjoyable read so far, very eloquently put, with an underlying theme….You should have been a Politician, but perhaps you are far too honest and principled? Good work Tim!!!!

  2. fullwellytillitgoesbang says:

    Hi there,
    I loved the ‘Man, you’ll be a woman’ blogpost. Bleddy brilliantly put.
    I’ve been going on about this for years in various ways to people i know, and all say I’m wrong.
    I look all around me, and see I’m right, and wonder how mad, delusional and generally unhinged I must be, if in fact I am somehow wrong.
    Yopu only have to look at what’s popular on TV to see what we’ve become. (Don’t even get me bleddy started on all the damn cooking programs on the TV either.)
    We’ve gone from being a brave, gritty, inventive and proud nation to something that I bet few from the last two world wars would’ve thought worth fighting for.
    The weenies (small ‘w’) that govern us at ALL levels have given away all they fought and died bravely for, and tossed it aside too with less respect and reverence than a screwed-up handful of well-used toilet paper.
    Shame on them all.
    Shame on us all for letting them get away with it too, come to that……..
    Anyway….. great blog….. well done. {:o)

    • strainsview says:

      Cheers man…..yeah, Man is dead…….strange new modern world – why do you think mens mental health is in freefall? how does one adjust to this new world order? thanks for the comment – please follow the blog and spread the word of lefty reason!

  3. You clearly need to get a smartphone or find a pub with free wifi. It’s getting far too serious if it keeps you away from beer.

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