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Good morning Kabul

President Obama gave another patriotic speech this week about the need to protect American troops and get them out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.  An hour later another suicide bomber blew himself and several others up in Kabul.  Afghanistan is drawing increasing parallels with the Vietnam debacle of the seventies.  However much the USA tried to spin the south Asia conflict, it will never be looked back on as a success, however that may be measured.  I think Obama is terrified of a repeat outcome in Afghanistan; he needs to get his men out to assuage the American public but also realises the need to try save face on the international front.  Very tricky.  Of course, the latest Koran burning stupidity does not help and brings to mind some book-burning episodes from history that Obama would do well to distance himself from.  The Taliban seem to be playing the long game; sitting and waiting to step up as soon as the Americans leave.  Many commentators think little will have changed when the Americans finally depart; apart from the immense financial cost of the operation and the uncountable cost in terms of lives lost.  The American psyche was immeasurably damaged by the Vietnam disaster, I can see the “Afghan Vet” horror stories (followed by the movies like “ Goat Curry Hill” and “Good Morning Kabul”) appearing over the next twenty years or so.  Like the Russians before them America has discovered that not for nothing has Afghanistan always been considered an unconquerable country.  The only winners in this sorry saga appear to be the Hollywood movie moguls; rubbing their grubby hands together with glee.