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Fed up?

Highest GDP in the world?  USA.  Highest GDP per capita?  USA.  Highest rate of depression and mental health issues?  You’ve got it, USA.  There is a clear correlation between wealth and (mental) health.  Tell a visitor from another world that the human race gets more miserable the wealthier it gets and I imagine they would think it rather odd.  My mate Jimmy the Doctor, tells me that the UK’s mental health has never been so poor.  He is swamped in his surgery by young and old, men and women, rich and poor; all suffering from the modern disease of depression.  Reasons?  It could be several things, we are more in touch with our inner selves, we are more willing to share our  troubles, we have been somehow encouraged in our melodramatic self- absorption through media manipulation of celebrity culture or we are genuinely just more fed up.  Like the old adage that if we  build more roads it will create more traffic perhaps the fact that we pump resources into mental wellness initiatives results in patients  seeking  these out and using them?  Drugs, therapy, shrinks and new age counsellors, all riding on the back of the black dog, as Churchill called it.  Have we created a society that eats itself in a self-fulfilling downward spiral of the blues? Perhaps, just perhaps, we should collectively take a step back from modern life and begin to deal with our spiritual needs?  Meanwhile, the American child-mental-health drug industry continues to post record profits.  Ritalin-a-ding-a-ding-ker-ching.