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Milk it

Another desperate few days for the LibCon pantomime.  Firstly one of their own, backbencher Nadine Dorries, described Cam/Os as “two posh boys who don’t know the price of a pint of milk” and then they took a hammering in the local elections as voters turned on them.  Cam/Os quoted the inevitable “mid-term blues factor”, low turnout and upset with the economy as the reasons behind their beating but it is clear that the people are not too happy with the boys. Cam felt the need to throw his celebratory weight behind the womanising buffoon Boris Johnson who had narrowly beaten Red Ken in the London Mayoral race.  The Etonian mafia must by now be getting the message that they are out of touch and very nearly out of time.  The roots of this useless Government go back, unfortunately, to one Tony Blair.  Good old “Tone” (man of the people) shafted the Labour Party when he left the strange Gordon Brown in charge as he rode off into the sunset to claim his enormous speech-giving royalties.  Gordon gave a cameo performance as a bumbling, angry, slightly autistic Scottish fun-denier and left the country with no option but to plump for the Etonian cabal.  The fact that Cam felt the need to wangle himself onto the BBC and tell the nation where and when he did his shopping and that, au contraire, he did know the price of a pinta, shows just how desperate he and his out-of-touch bunch are becoming.


They call us the double dippers

News this week that Britain has officially slipped back into recession.  The economy shrank by 0.3% in the last quarter.  Not for nothing is Economics known as the Dismal Science; the experts continue to argue the toss over the cause of our present woes.  Is it Europe?  Is it the austerity measures?  Is it a lack of consumer confidence?  Cam/Os continue to lecture us on the need for belt tightening, the need to slash public services and that final insulting, hilarious old chestnut; “we are all in this together”.  They really don’t help themselves, these gilded, out of touch clowns, do they?  Last time I looked my membership of the Bullingdon club had lapsed and I just cannot put my finger on that enormous trust fund that my old man left for me.  I find their empty rhetoric insulting and galling.  The typical British family is being battered by the LibCons.  Rising inflation, record levels of youth unemployment, falling productivity and the seemingly desperate need to close public services like nursing homes, libraries and refuges have created a country where job satisfaction, job security and the ability to plan for the future have been eradicated.  I don’t see the fat cats in the city taking a hit by tightening their designer belts following their champagne lunches, do you?  The Sunday Times revealed last week that the richest members of society are seeing their share of the wealth grow.  This leaves a particularly nasty taste in the mouth as the rest of us are told we must continue to suffer to atone for the sins of the previous Government’s spending spree.  Osborne can, and probably will, continue to cut and promote austerity as the only way forward; there are many economists that take a different view.  Some argue that we need to pump-prime the economy by spending and attempting to raise consumer confidence.  Perhaps Cam/Os could use some of their personal cash to give us all a start?